Grant Writing Workshop at Stan State

Organizer: Dr. Matthew Cover, Biology
Co-organizers: Dr. Koni Stone, Chemistry and Dr. Jessica DeSilva, Math

Here are the materials from our 4 part workshop that is focused on writing an NSF GRFP (National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program) application. We are meeting September 14, October 5 and October 29 in MSR 160.

Schedule of Activities for the Whole Workshop.

First Day Powerpoint slides detailing the grant application, how to manage a project and an introduction to our free-writing exercise.
(Thank you to Dr. Sally Passion at SF State for the slides that inspired this presentation.)

Free Write Questions Excellent warm up exercise for any and all personal statements!

Letter of Recommendation Form This form can help guide the writer towards a supportive letter.

Project Management Use this table to organize your workflow. Determine what needs to be done, what resources you need and set deadlines.

For the information from the NSF:NSF GRFP Information

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