Signal Mechanism Practice

Based on the Presentations, Complete the following table:

Signal Type of Receptor What does the receptor do when the ligand is bound? Stimulate or inhibit? What is the 2nd messenger? Effect on 2nd messenger concentration? Effects on the cell
Epinephrine, an example Gs, alpha When GTP is bound to alpha subunit, it binds to adenylate cyclase Stimulates adenylate cyclase cAMP Increased (cAMP) Increased glycogen breakdown, increased glucose-1-P

Also, You need to know:

1. Know the complete pathways for Glucagon, Epinephrine (both the beta and alpha adrenergic receptors) and Insulin (effect on transcription, glycogen synthesis and effect on glucose entry into muscle and fat cells.)
2. Describe and give an example: gated voltage channels, ligand gated channels, covalently modified ion channels
3. What role do Calicium ions play in neuronal signaling?
4. Be able to describe the signalling system you presented in detail.

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