Protein Data Base (PDB) Lab,
1. Learn how to visualize protein structures using Jmol/JSmol software. Get started here: Jmol training

2. Next use the PDB to find the structure of the protein assigned by the Science Olympiad Protein Pre-Build event: http://cbm.msoe.edu/scienceOlympiad/designEnvironment/prebuild.html, and then build a 3D model of the backbone of amino acids for that protein. Then, add significant features (aa side chains) to your 3D structure. http://cbm.msoe.edu/scienceOlympiad/designEnvironment/prebuild.html

3. Explain the significance of the added structural features in a short description of your model. Be sure to explain how the function of the protein is related to the structure. Go to this website for more information about this protein.

4. Give a brief summary of the chemistry that drives protein folding.

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