One Letter Codes for Amino Acids

Give (Glycine)—the first 11 go by the first initial. This little ditty is how Dr. Stone learned them in the dark ages: Before quizlets, iPhones, androids and instant space pages.
A (Alanine)
Violin (Valine)
Lesson to (Leucine)
Isoleucine (Isoleucine)

So (Serine)
That (Threonine)

Cissy can (Cysteine)
Make (Methionine)
Professional (Proline)
Hats (Histidine)

GlutamatE (aka glutamic acid)—these two are tricky
Aspartic aciD (aka aspartate)

Glutamine is a Qute amine—this begins the "fun" names
Tryptophan has a double ring, so W
Phenylalanine is a Fun amine
Asparagine as in Ni Ni the nights of Ni (Must know Monte Python to appreciate.)
Arginine: Rrrg is the pirates favorite amino acid
K is for Lysine, strikeouts and Dr. Stone's first name

Y is for Tyrosine, Y? Because we love Biochemistry

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