Food Analysis

100 points for the Proposal Due: March 17, 2017 Submit to
100 points for the Poster Presentation Thursday, May 18, 11:15-1:15

The goal of this project is to choose a food and something to analyze in this food. You will need to use our available instrumentation to quantitatively analyze food for something. You choose the food, you choose the analysis. This is a competitive process and only the best projects will be selected. If your project is not selected, you can not earn the full 50 points in the presentation part of this project, the most you can earn is 40 points. So put some effort and thought into your project selection and design.

Phase I:

Proposals should include the following:
1. A rationale for why the analysis is interesting. Include a bibliography and cite relevant references.
2. A complete description of the method that will be used.
3. A complete list of supplies that will be needed, and the cost of these supplies.

Phase II:

Once your proposal has been approved, you will do the analysis in lab and present your results in a poster presentation (100 points if it was your proposal, 80 points if you work on another student's project). These posters will be presented Thursday, May 18th, 11:15-1:15.

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