Exam III Spring 2016

CHEM 4420 Biochemistry II Spring 2016 Exam 3 Dr. Stone
Due Midnight, Wednesday April 13, 2016, submit your answers to turnitin.com.

There are 80 points on this written part. 20 points were available for the presentations. You may consult your text, your notes and other published sources. You must cite your sources. You may not discuss this exam with any other humans.

1. (30 points) Choose one of the following and give a detailed description of everything you learned about this one topic: apoptosis, vision, taste, steroid hormones, olfaction, vasopressin, adrenergic nerve signaling, Use specific examples. Write your detailed description of one topic using complete sentences in organized paragraphs. Be sure to include all of the following in your discussion: specificity, amplification of the signal, signal terminiation, integration of signals.

2. (20 points) Fully describe the events that occur when insulin binds to its receptor. Write your answer in complete sentences in organized paragraphs.

3. (10 points) What is a heterotrimeric G protein? How does it work? Give an example of a signal that is transferred into the cell by a heterotrimeric G protein. What is a GAP? What is a GEF? Write your answer in complete sentences in organized paragraphs.

4. (20 points) Briefly describe the following biosignalling systems, use complete sentences.
a. Apoptosis
b. Taste
c. Vision
d. Olfaction
e. Glucocorticoid
f. Andrenergic Nerve

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