Exam 4 Take Home

This is the take home, essay portion of Exam IV for Biochemistry II. Please do your own work. Please explain your understanding of the topics in your own words. You may consult your text or other published sources. Please cite your references. Do not discuss this exam or consult with another human. This section is worth 40 points. Please write your answers in sentences that are in organized paragraphs. Turn this in to "Turnitin.com" by midnight Sunday, May 15th.

1. (12 points) How does a high carbohydrate diet increase fat storage? What key reactions are involved? How are these reactions stimulated by carbohydrates?
2. (15 points) Fully describe how glycolysis is regulated in muscle cells.
3. (8 points) Describe the difference between a patient who is lactose intolerant and a patience that has one of the three types of galactosemia. Describe each of the three types of galactosemia.
4. (5 points) Describe how ethanol consumption affects fat metabolism

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