Crowell Classroom Assignments

Science Experiments at Crowell Elementary, 118 North Ave, Turlock, CA 95382. map Check in at the office at 1:15, then take the supplies to your classroom and get set up. Experiments should take place from 1:30-2:30.
Before you start the experiment, introduce yourselves (Name, what you are studying, why you are going to college, what you plan to do after college.) Then start working with your group of students.

Helpers are listed on this page.

Science Experiments

Fall 2014 Experiments

Science Experiments

Revised 11/12/14—by Koni Stone

Nov 3 Starch and Glucose moving (dialysis tubing)-Langpaap Rm H42
Nov 3 Bouncy Balls-Cortez Rm.H41
Nov 4 Power of Pennies-Pellegrini H43
Nov 4 Amylase digestion of Starch-Stokes rm G31
Nov 4 Milk and food coloring- Rowe Rm. G32
Nov 4 Osmosis and our Cells- Handosh Rm. G34

Nov 17 Milk and food coloring-Rm H40, Leader: Chris
Helpers: Lupe, Darryl, Broneil, Sarbjit, Rajvir

Nov 17 Coffee Filters: moving pen dyes Rm H42, Leader Tamara
Helpers: Daljit, Haider, Carla, Daniel, Felicia

Nov 17 Water moves up Straw wrappers, oil does not- Rm. H41, Leader: Vanessa,
Helpers: Paige, Christine, Ravi, Janeice, Robert
Nov 18 Chalk: moving pen dyes, Rm G33, Leader: Laura
Helpers: Casey, Vanessa, Andrew, Lizzie, Luis, Jaykaran

Nov 18 Milk and dye- Rm G35, Leader: Jessica
Helpers: Haider, Darryl, Harinder, Gerardo, Janeice

Nov 18 Using Yeast to Blow up Balloons- rm G31, Leader: Sandeep
Helpers: Paige, Priya, Jaspal, Joseph, Matthew

Nov 18 Measuring pH with Cabbage Juice- Rm. G34, Leader: Berta
Helpers: Daljit, Lupe, Felicia, Cheyanne, Derrick

Nov 18 Mini Lava lamps- Rm H39, Leader: Daniel
Helpers: Carla, Broneil, Tamara, Rajvir, Sarbjit
Dec 1 Measuring pH with pH paper and Cabbage Juice- H43, Leader: Sarah Helpers: Monica, Katelyn, Jessica, Chris, Ravi

Dec 1 Measuring pH with Cabbage Juice-H40, Leader: Casey
Helpers: Jaspal, Janeice, Robert, Carol, Joseph

Dec 2 Baking Soda and Vinegar Balloons- Rm H39, Leader: Harinder
Helpers: Haider, Laura, Jaspal, Berta, Janeice

Dec 8 Density Parafaits- Rm 32 Leader: Dr. Stone
Helpers: Lupe, Rajvir, Sarbjit, Sarah, Daljit, Tamara

Date Leader Experiment Classroom teacher Room
November 3 Esther Starch and Glucose in Dialysis Tubing Langpaap Rm H42
November 3 Rebecca Bouncy Balls Cortez Rm H41
November 4 Carol Power of Pennies Pellegrini Rm H43
November 4 Lizzie Amylase digestion of Starch Stokes Rm G31
November 4 Samantha Milk and food coloring Rowe Rm G32
November 4 Priya Osmosis and our Cells Handosh Rm G34
November 17 Tamara Coffee Filters: moving pen dyes Langpaap Rm H42
November 17 Chris G. Milk and food coloring Pallios Rm H40
November 17 Vanessa Water moves up Straw wrappers, oil does not Cortez Rm. H41
November 18 Laura Chalk: moving pen dyes Magana Rm G33
November 18 Jessica Milk and dye Pearson Rm G35
November 18 Sandeep Using Yeast to Blow up Balloons Stokes Rm G31
November 18 Berta Measuring pH with Cabbage Juice Handosh Rm G34
November 18 Daniel Mini Lava lamps Welch Rm H39
December 1 Casey Measuring pH with pH paper and Cabbage Juice Pellegrini Rm H43
December 1 Sarah Measuring pH with Cabbage Juice Pallios Rm H40
December 2 Harinder Baking Soda and Vinegar Balloons Welch Rm H39
December 8 Dr. Stone Density Parfaits added to accomodate students with conflicts on Dec 18th due to cancellation of Nov 24, 25 Rm H32
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