Biochemistry Lab

CHEM 4422 Advanced Biochemistry Lab at CSU, Stanislaus

Instructor: Dr. Koni Stone

TR 11-1:50
Spring 2017

Dr. Stone Email: moc.em|enotskk#moc.em|enotskk
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List of Experiments

Details will be linked to these topics.
Start Date Experiment Points Report due date
Jan 28 Protein Database Lab Here is the rubric and the rubric is on the Turnitin page for this assignment. 100 Feb 17
Feb 2 Buffers and here is the rubric 100 March 10
Feb 2 Lipids: Fatty acids, Cholesterol and here is the rubric (multiply every category by 2) 100 April 21
April 1 Potatoes: Purification and Kinetics and Here is the Rubric (multiply each category by 2) 100 May 5
Jan 28 Food Analysis Project and here is the Rubric for the Poster Presentation (multiply each category by 2) 100 each March 17-proposal, May 18, 11:15-1:15poster presentation

Interesting sites on the web:

PDB resources
Introduction to Practical Biochemisry] an e-text book. You will want to consult this often. This company uses a protein (Cas9) that can selectively edit DNA. This protein is a CRISPR(clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) binding protein—proteins that are part of the prokaryotic immune system. The CEO, Rachel Haurwitz, gave a talk at the CSUPERB symposium in January 2015.

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