Biochemistry II Syllabus

CHEM 4420 Biochemistry II Spring 2017 12-12:50 N221

Dr. Stone (ude.natsusc|enotsk#ude.natsusc|enotsk) 667-3570 N358
Office hours: M,W, F 9-10, M,W 1-2,
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Text: Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, by Nelson and Cox 6th edition
Prerequisite: Completion of Biochemistry I (CHEM 4400) with a C- or better.

Assessment Devices
Category Dates Points for each Total points for the category
Exams Feb 24, April 3, May 10 100 each 300
Class participation and Smartworks many days, online homework points earned will be calculated as a % of the total possible* 200
Final Exam May 22, 11:15-1:15 200 200
  • This is set up this way as the amount of in class points varies from year to year. To calculate your points, add them up, divide by the total possible for this year. Multiply that fraction by 200. For example if there are a total of 300 possible in class points and you earn 200 points, then your % is 66 and 66% of 200 is 132 points, so you would have 132 points towards your grade.


This is an online homework program that we are using on a trial basis. It is for another book, but the content is relevant for our course. Only two chapters are available: Cell Signalling and Glycolysis. Our student ID set is 26356 and it can be accessed at
(Do not pay for this!)


The Exams are worth 100 points each. The exams will consist of take-home essay questions, and in class calculation and short answer questions; there may be multiple choice and matching questions on the in class section. You will receive the take home essay questions during the exam and they will be due that night at midnight. Essay questions answers will be submitted to turnitin (14573726, biochemistry). Late exams will be penalized 10% per day. Exam questions will be based on material that is covered in class and in the text. Information and concepts will be emphasized by the homework problems and class discussions and student presentations. To prepare for the exams, read the text, take notes, do the suggested problems and come to class prepared to discuss the material. There are no make-up exams.

Grades will be earned as follows

Minimum Points Grade
630 A
560 B
490 C
420 D
below 420 F

Last day to drop the class and earn a W: February 22, 2017. This course does not have a CR/NC grading option.

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