Biochemistry II Syllabus

CHEM 4420 Biochemistry II Spring 2021 1:00-1:50 Synchronous Zoom

Dr. Stone (ude.natsusc|enotsk#ude.natsusc|enotsk) 667-3570 N358
Office hours: TBA
Web page for the class:
Canvas will be used for grades and assignments. will be used for all writing assignments. is the best way to communicate quickly and efficiently. Please accept your invitation when you receive it by email.

Text: Biochemistry by Miesfeld and McEvoy
Prerequisite: Completion of Biochemistry I (CHEM 4400) with a C- or better.

Assessment Devices
Category Dates Points for each Total points for the category
Class presentations with worksheets almost every Friday, sign up via doodle 50 each 100
Biochemistry II Writing Assignments submit to Turnitin see linked page see linked page 300
Exams March 5, April 16, May 19 100 each 300

Class Activities

This will include discussions, worksheets and other activities.


Sign up using the doodle polls provided by email. You will need to select one "Signalling" topic and one "Metabolism" topic. Each presentation is 10 min with 5 min for questions. You will need to provide a worksheet to accompany your presentation.

For both: send your slides to Dr. Stone

For the Metabolic Diseases: pick a disease, describe it, describe the metabolic (biochemistry) defect that causes the disease.

Writing assignments/Peer review

Submit all of your writing assignments to, class number will be provided via email. For each assignment, you will be assigned two papers to provide peer review.
Information for Writing Assignments


The Exams are worth 100 points each. They will be posted on Canvas and then you will upload your answers to The exams will be short answer and essay questions. Exam questions will be based on material that is covered in class and in the text. Information and concepts will be emphasized by the end of chapter problems, class discussions and student presentations. To prepare for the exams, read the text, take notes, do the suggested problems and come to class prepared to discuss the material. There are no make-up exams.

Grades will be earned as follows

Minimum % Grade
90 A
80 B
70 C
60 D

Last day to drop the class and earn a W: February 24, 2021. The last day to choose a CR/NC grading option is May 5th. There are no +/- grades.

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