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Materials for the 2023 CSUPERB Writing workshop

Materials for the 2022 CSUPERB Writing workshops:
Slide deck for both Part I and Part II, (part II starts on page 41) Slides. The 2022 GRFP Workshop was organized by Lani Gleason, Sac State, Koni Stone, Stan State and Sally Pasion, SF State. GRFP award winner presentation by Lillian Murphy, UC, Berkeley.
Letters of Recommendation: The professors who write your letters of recommendation want to write the best letter possible. Make sure you your references all of your information by completing this form: Information for a Letter of Recommendation, written by Jaclyn Matthes.
Writing exercises: Exercises to help you with your next writing project

Grant Writing Workshop: focus is on the GRFP, but many components are part of other grant/graduate school/professional program applications. Organized by Dr. Matt Cover, Dr. Koni Stone and Dr. Jessica DeSilva at Stan State, 2020.

Slides from the 2019 CSUPERB Writing Workshop Organized by Sally Pasion, SF State, Koni Stone, Stan State, Matt Cover, Stan State; Nancy Au, Stan State, Jessica DeSilva, Stan State and Fauna Yarza, UCSF.

Getting the most done: an analysis of your time and how you spend it. A CSUPERB faculty development mini-workshop led by Dr. Jill Adler, Cal Poly Pomona and Dr. Koni Stone, Stan State.

Writing in the Discipline, a faculty workshop led by Dr. Stone

Biochemistry I, Fall 2023, Meeting in N 221 MWF 10:00

Biochemistry I, CHEM 4400

Biochemistry II, Spring 2023

Biochemistry II, CHEM 4420

Advanced Biochemistry Lab

Biochemistry Lab

Science Day 2018 Pictures

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